Save energy and resources

Lowest liquor ratio design; greatly reduce the requirement for water treatment, cooling water, steams, chemicals, dyestuffs and electric power. No piping required, which increase the flow efficiency, because the flow loss due to friction in the pipe is reduced. Liquor ratio is 1:4~6.


Special pump design

Pump is centrifugal type with high lifting head and large flow rate. The pump is integrated with the flow directional valve. No extra piping required, hence lower liquid ratio. Also reduces the flow cycle period, high exchange rate between yarn and the dyestuffs. Hence high even color shade.


Easy and safe operation

The door entrance uses automatic air cylinder operation. The dyeing process is set automatically into the controller. Auto or semi-auto is available for users, easy for operation. A very simple and compact design, easy to install and easy to maintain. Spacing required is reduced by 40% compared to a traditional machine.


Wide application

The machine can accomplish various treatments such as bleaching, dyeing and scouring.



Suitable for all kinds of fibers like natural, synthetic and polyester.