Constant liquid ratio control

Due to the fabrics are made in many different weight per unit length, thus the maximum weight and maximum length of loading capacity is different for each type. When loading capacity is at 80% ~ 100%, this device can adjust to maintain at a constant liquid ratio. Therefore, this design increases the stability of the dyeing quality, and decreases the uneven batch dyeing.


Unique “ V ” route Plaiting Device

Patent design “V” route plaiting device. Unlike the traditional plaiting device only folds the fabric in horizontal direction. The new plaiting device will fold the fabrics horizontally in an orderly fashion and continually follows a “V” route path, thereby increasing more capacity compare to traditional one. This fully utilizes the chamber space more and avoids tangling problem, which provides higher quality and more production capacity.


Lowest Tension, Full Flow Pipe Saturate Device

Use overflow Nozzle with Lowest pressure (Min. 0.2 bar), will reduce fabric tension, pilling & yarn sliding, combined with full flow pipe increase fabric saturate time for more even coloring and crease free for high quality dyeing. Multi gap changeable nozzle suitable for various type of light and heavy fabrics.


Foam Collection & Fast Rinsing System

The foam natuarally collects to a foam collector which seperates from fabric. This could avoid fabric from float, tangling and foam pollution problems. With level rinsing, overflow rinsing with timer or Intelligent rinsing (option), reduce total cycle time (min. about 5 hrs for dark color), reduce the energy and lower the cost.


Easy Operation & Fully Auto or Manual Control

Machine equipped with micor procressor has fully automatic control system, it provide auto dosing control (supply continuous dosing quality),with fast filling draining and Hot water tank (option) to reduce total cycle time. Enhance production yield.


Advance, Compact Design

Machine’s operation height is suitable for operator, Simple and safer operation,Space use very limited, Lowest maintance, Lowest Energy, Lowest cost & High production capacity.


“V” route Plaiting Device
Adjustable nozzle
Efficient Heat Exchanger
Hot Water Tank
Quality Welding


Optional Extras

  1. High speed draining.
  2. Water in flow meter.
  3. Hot water tank.
  4. Second chemical tank.
  5. Dual water in & out.
  6. Multi rate feeding device.
  7. Chemical tank mixing device.
  8. Swinging device for outer reel.
  9. Intelligent rinsing system.
  10. P.H. sensor & automatic acid dosing.
  11. Proportional valve for heating & cooling.