Product Name : NOV Fabric Dyeing Machine




Lowest Liquor Ratio, High Running Speed, Fast Dyeing System

For 100% cotton, dyeing liquor ratio is at 1:5~6. Fast dyeing system with fabric running at high speed (max. speed at 450 M/min), will greatly reduce the cycle time, which reduce the cost and saves energy. It is suitable for all kinds of high quality 100% cotton, rayon, and wool with Lycra fabric…etc.


Low tension, full flow piping device

Overflow nozzle with very low pressure (min. 0.2 bar), reduce the fabric tension, pilling & yarn sliding. Full flow guiding pipe increase fabric saturation time for more even color shade and crease free for high quality dyeing. Adjustable nozzle for variety of fabric, weight between 50 ~ 500 g/m2


Patent inner plate design, versatile plaiting device

Inside the chamber with “W” shaped patent design and a self rotating chamber. This unique design provides a smooth and a regular fabric cycle.Fabric plaiting device will fold the fabrics in an orderly fashion,thereby increasing the capacity and reducing the tangling problems. Standard capacity is 200kg/tube (optional: for more heavy fabrics, could increase the width of the chamber to reach 250kg/tube).


Unique O-Shape Chamber Design

Machines chamber designed width O-Shaped body. lncrease the life time of the machine and decrease the maintenance cost. Effectively saves unnecessary expenses. lnner chamber is J-BOX shaped design, allow fabric flow smoothly in the chamber.


Special foaming collector and fast rinsing system

The foam is collected to a foaming collector which separates from fabrics. This could prevent fabric from float to tangle and foaming stains. Rinsing systems available are level rinsing, overflow rinsing with timer, cooling water from heater rinsing (CCR optional). Greatly reduces total cycle time (min. about 5 hrs for dark color). Reduce the energy required and lower the cost for dyeing.


Easy operation & fully automatic control

Controller embedded with micro processor, fully automatic system. Provide auto dosing control. Fast water draining and fast water fill in system and hot water tank (optional) to reduce the total dyeing cycle required. Enhance production yield.



For all kinds of high quality 100% cotton, rayon, wool with Lycra fabric… etc.